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Heart-stopping was the first word that came to mind when I got a look at this Dominatrix cams model. Mistress Eva, with her black hair and cat green eyes had me and my dick drooling with absolute lust. And the anticipation of her cruelty had me tingling to my toes when I saw all the toys she has ready for use in her Bondage Chat room. It took me some time to get the balls to enter her private room but it was well worth the time and pain. Just watching her was a true thrill for a sub like me. When she said she loved wankers, cum eaters, losers and cuckolds, I was raising my hand, bouncing in my seat thinking, ‘pick me, pick me’! There is nothing that turns her off and so much that turns her on, it blew my mind. There is nothing like real experience from a skilled Mistress to show you your place and she proved that she is a true Femdom Chat master. She was a dream cum true and I can hardly wait to visit the cruel and wild Bdsm Chat room of Mistress Eva and be her good little slave again.



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I love Bondage chat and Dominatrix cam ladies, and if you throw some serious kinky stuff in the mix, I’m totally lost and can’t help but to check it out. That was how I ended up checking out the chat room of KinkyGoddess. Once there, I was spellbound by her beauty and skill as a mistress. She made it obvious that she loved nothing better than to be served by an obedient slave. She wanted to own her slaves mind and body, and she knew just how to take them to that level of submission. Being in Femdom chat with her was like having one of my darkest fantasies come true. She was more than I could hope for with her skills and looks, and the fact she was always in control and I knew who was higher up on the food chain. She never let me forget it for a moment! This Femdom cams goddess tortured and abused until I was begging for mercy but she didn’t let up until she was ready to be pleased. She totally satisfied my desires and I would happily kneel at her feet to worship her any and every time I get the chance.




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Mature and experienced Mistresses definitely know their business when it comes to working over a slave and making them submit to their will. And once I stepped inside the Femdom chat room of the Mistress known as MatureDomme, it didn’t take me but a few moments to realize I was in the presence of a true Dominatrix Cams goddess. It’s her world and it’s her way. Her wish is your command when you visit her world and you have no choice but to serve her. I was in awe every second of the time I spent in her Bdsm cam room! And I am not above admitting I went quickly to my knees to worship her in any way she chose. She had a way of making you want to serve her and be the perfect sissy slut to slake her sadistic needs. Maybe it was the years of experience she had or if she had always held that power over men, but it was scary as well as a huge turn on. She likes slaves that know how to obey and disrespecting or not doing as your commanded just might get you a swift taste of her long whip.




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For a horny slave such as myself, live Bdsm Cams are like a buffet to a starving man. I love searching to find the perfect Mistress and this incredible lady known as MissAnastasiya was like hitting the jackpot. She is beautiful with long blonde hair, sky blue eyes and a body hot enough to give you wet dreams. I was so giddy with lust when I finally got my turn to worship at her spike heeled boots I was ready to blow my load right then and there. But those blue eyes could turn damn icy if the lady wasn’t obeyed and this Dominatrix Cams goddess was in control. She made it very clear there would be no release for me until she wanted the pleasure and allowed me the relief. And if she didn’t want it, I was shit outta luck. There was no complaining or whining in her Mistress Chat room but there was certainly lots of begging and it was all on my side. Emptying your wallet and having you treat her like a queen is what turns her on. But disrespect this Femdom Cams Mistress and she will punish you until you are begging for forgiveness.



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Just looking at this awesome beauty it was hard for me to believe she could be such an incredible and forceful Femdom Chat Mistress because she looked so beautifully sweet. It wasn’t meant as disrespect and I certainly found out you can’t always judge a book by its cover. BellaMistress had no problem putting me in my place which was at her feet when I wasn’t the submissive slave she expected of me. The things she made me do for her as punishment still make me tingle in submissive delight. She wants prepared and obedient slaves but she also enjoys her subs to have a sense of humor in her Mistress Chat room. Compliments please her greatly and like a good sissy bitch, I made sure to give her as many as I could which wasn’t hard considering how lovely and perfect she was. I could have kneeled at her feet and worshipped her for hours as any good slave should and I know I will certainly visit her Mistress cam room as often as she will allow. She wants to own a slave in every city and I would love to have the honor of being one of them.


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You can run but you can’t hide, not from this darkly seductive Dominatrix Cams Mistress. And even though I wanted to hide a couple times while in private chat with Mistress Devilseyess, I was too far gone under her spell to do anything else but exactly what she demanded. All that long black hair and those wicked brown, gonna eat you alive eyes, was too much for my slave side to resist. And when she said jump in her Bondage chat, I didn’t bother to ask how high, I just jumped as high as I could and hoped it was enough. The need to please her was intoxicating and the punishment for disappointing her fearful. But damn, both felt so good. This is certainly one Femdom Chat queen that puts you to the test and expects perfect results, but she rewards deliciously. When she says she is not a kitten but a true tigress, you know by the look of her that you need to take her at her word. I can certainly vouch that she has claws and knows how to use them to the best of her ability. She is addictive and knows how to force you to your knees.


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Having your wallet emptied by an evil and wicked Bdsm Cams goddess turn you on? Don’t be shy, you can admit it. I get my rocks off on it too and that is why I couldn’t resist paying a visit to Lady DomSenatriX since I heard she loves financial domination along with a wide variety of wicked Bondage chat pleasures. Just knowing she is owning you gets her off and pleases her very much. But money wasn’t all she wanted while she had me in her private chat. You have to be a very good sissy boy with face on the floor licking her boot heels if that is what she demands you to do. Humiliation and degrading you are definitely two of her skills and she put them to good use while I trembled with lust for her in her Femdom chat. I knew whatever I did would not be enough for this Mistress but I certainly gave it my best shot and did every vile and humiliating thing she told me to. I could have shed a tear for what that Mistress Chat cost me but when I save up enough, I will have another go at being her good slave.


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I have visited enough Femdom chat mistresses in my years online to know that some were born with the gift of true skills at dominating men, some of them have learned their skills along the way and the superior ones are those that are a mixture of the two. And this Mistress Cams model that goes by the name of ‘The Seductress’ is most definitely in the superior category. She made it clear from the beginning of our chat that she didn’t like when a man tried to fake being submissive but I wasn’t worried because there was certainly no fakery going on with how much I wanted to be her slave and please her. The time spent in her private room was one of the best times I have ever had with any mistress in Bondage chat. I felt thoroughly used, abused and submissive to this enchantress. But it wasn’t all physical as with some Dominatrix Cams models. The Seductress was into mind manipulation as well and knew exactly how to get the most out of me. Any man who feels the need to be dominated by an incredible Mistress will love this one. I sure as hell did!


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I would have licked the sweet sweat off this Mistress Chat model’s ankles and anywhere else required if she would have wanted. Mistress2serve is the name she goes by and that is exactly what I wanted to do when I got a look at her in her latex clothes. From her gorgeous blonde hair to her long legs and tasty looking toes, there was nothing about this Femdom Cams model that wasn’t appealing and tempting. Ruling her slaves with domination and abuse gets her off and I learned very quickly in her Mistress Cams room that she knows her power over the weaker sex. Her Mistress skills honed to pure perfection and there was no denying bending to her will and doing exactly as I was told. I was desperate to be perfect, abused slave which is exactly what she wanted. Obedient, smart and playful sissy sluts turn her on and financial abuse is one of her specialties. Don’t be scared boy toys! If an expert Mistress is what you are craving to see and you desire to be used like the sissy boy you are, Mistress2serve is ready to fulfill your wildest fantasies come true in her Bondage chat.


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I really get off on a Mistress that smokes and Mistress Iris is one of the hottest Dominatrix cams models you will ever see. With her long blonde hair and sexy brown eyes, I was in awe of her beauty and her knowledge of how to treat a slave like me, and she certainly made me her slave with just one visit. But take it from me, you are going to have to really nut up for this incredible Mistress if you pay a visit to her Bdsm chat room, boys. Not only did this Mistress Chat connoisseur have me on my knees worshipping at her lovely feet, she had me trying to lick my own toes while laughing and humiliating me. She gets total pleasure from whipping her slaves and making them experience CBT until they beg. For her, you are an experiment and she will push you to your limits and beyond to see just how far you are willing to go to please. Mistress Iris is Bondage Chat at its very finest. You will be pulling out your cock and your wallet willing to give her all you can to please her and begging to do more.